It is possible to have a Marble back panel (can also be made in slate, granite or stone) to any dimensions you specify. Simply make a note of the overall size you require, and also mention the cut out you need (to insert a fire). Some installations do not require a cut out in the back panel, as there is no fire installed in the fire surround, and the fireplace is used as a decorative ornament without a heat source.

Useful information to consider when ordering a bespoke back panel and hearth

1. Make sure you make a note of the external dimensions needed for the fireplace back panel. EG. You would like the back panel 37 inches (w) x 37 inches (H) 2. It is important to clearly specify the cut out you require (if any). The standard cut out in a fireplace back panel is 22.25 inches (H) x 16.25 inches (w). 3. Fireplace back panels are not suitable for solid fuel as standard, and are only suitable for gas Fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces. If you will be using solid fuel (coal or logs) then clearly specify this as the back panel (and hearth) will need to undergo as special process to make it suitable. 4. To order specific size hearths please remember that the top size may be different to the bottom size, as there is a boxed and lipped effect as standard. If you would like to cover a specific cut out size in your existing carpet or wood flooring, then clearly mention this at the time of order so that your supplier can guarantee that the bottom size covers your existing cut out.