Many fire surrounds can be made to order depending on your unique requirements and specifications, however it is important to know what can be modified and what is a reasonable price to pay for such modifications.

Bespoke marble fireplace hearth

modified marble fireplace hearth should cost approximately £35 to £70 depending on the size require. Granite and slate a more expensive materials and frequently cost £50 more than Marble Hearths. Hence modified granite will slate hearth would range from £85 to £120. If you fireplace hearth needs to be slabbed (modified so that it suitable for solid fuel), then most companies would charge an additional £100 per piece (additional charge for marble hearth and separate charge of marble back panel).

How long does it take to manufacture a bespoke fire surround?

Typically a bespoke fire surround has to be redrawn and a new cutting list has to be made. This process can take between 1 to 2 weeks on top of the average lead time for the fire surround. It is important to carefully analyse each piece that is needed to build up the fire surround as this will determine the size of the back panel and hearth required and to ensure proportionality is maintained. At creative Fireplaces, we have over 20 years experience in manufacturing marble Fireplaces and our stone Masons are extremely experienced with all possible modifications. Typically we do not redraw all new bespoke modified surrounds on our CNC, and simply rely on human intervention and judgement to ensure proportionality is maintained. In our experience the trained human eye is the best judge for a visual anaesthetics rather than a programmed function on a computer.