Marble fire Hearths are made in our own Nottinghamshire factory. We can manufacture virtually any size imaginable at a fraction of high street prices.  Showrooms make large premiums by on any bespoke orders.  All we need is the overall dimensions of the hearth you require. If you need to cover an existing cut out in your carpet or laminate flooring, then be sure to measure the underneath (or exposed area) and not simply measure the top dimensions of the hearth. The majority of hearts are 50mm high, however this can also be varied depending on what is required. The standard edge profile is boxed an lipped, which means that the horizontal section of the hearth overhangs the vertical bottom intersection (called the Riser).  Please see diagram. Hearths can be manufactured in Slate, Black Granite, marble or stone. However marble is by far the most common and affordable finish. All Marble Hearths are suitable for use with gas or electric Fires, but need to undergo a special treatment called “slabbing” if they will be used with solid fuel Fires (burning coal or logs).  This involves cutting the heart into sections and re-joining it to allow for the expansion and contraction caused during the heating process.