Marble Fireplaces have been around for centuries in one form or another. Timber and marble are the two most common materials to use in fire surrounds. Cast iron inserts and cast iron stoves are increasingly popular and can be inserted into either a timber fire surround or a marble fire surround. "Marble fire surrounds can be used with practically any cast iron or cast iron stove inserts"

The requirements for a cast iron insert are quite simple:

1. The back panel needs to be replaced in most cases with a cast iron equivalent, or alternatively no back panel is needed altogether if a stove is to be installed 2. The fireplace hearth needs to undergo a special manufacturing process known as “slabbing” which makes the hearth resistant to high temperatures and eliminates the risk of cracking. The hearth is split into sections and rejoined. The hearth is filled with cement to make it denser and increase its heat resistance. 3. In some cases a standard opening of 16.25 inches (w) x 22.25 inches (H) is not adequate to install a cast iron insert or stove. As a result, the “fire opening” (which is usually 16.25 inches x 22.25 inches) needs to be increased to accommodate the dimensions of the insert. The exact dimensions of the opening you require will depend on the insert selected. 4. The chimney needs to be inspected to ensure it passes safety regulations and can accommodate the insert. The safety check is usually carried out using a smoke bomb (check leaks in chimney) by a Gas Safe Engineer.