Marble Fireplaces are incredibly easy to install provided a few basic guidelines are followed. Step 1: always ensure your walls and floor is level. It is important to always carry out this step as you can work around uneven levels if you know about them from the start. Step 2: Position your fireplace hearth central to the opening in the chimney breast. Ensure that the hearth is evenly spaced from the left and right hand side of the opening. Fireplace hearths are usually laid on a bed of sand and cement. The exact mixtures to use is debatable, however some experienced installers will use sand to cement with an accelerator added to speed up hardening. Step 3: Position the marble back panel central to the opening. The standard cut out in a marble back panel is 16.25 inches (413mm) wide x 22.25 inches (515mm) high. If your fire surround has a 25mm rebate, then the back panel is stuck to the wall or chimney breast. Simply apply tile adhesive and secure the back panel against the wall. If your fire surround has a larger rebate (void to recess fire) then the back panel is pulled away from the wall to recess a fire. In this case you will need to fill the void with a suitable filler and recess the fire into the void. Step 4: Secure both fireplace columns to the wall, using the fixing brackets attached to the fireplace. Step 5: locate the fireplace header and mantle. We recommend using a non permanent flexible adhesive such as “clear silicon” to secure the fireplace header and mantle.