Marble fireplace hearts can be manufactured in virtually any size you require. The standard size for Marble Hearths are as follows; 54 inches times 15 inches 48 inches times 15 inches To order a bespoke fireplace hearth simply state the length and width that you require, followed by the overall hide from the floor. Standard fireplace hearths are 50 mm in height this is built using a 20 mm horizontal sheet of marble which is suspended vertically by a 30mm marble piece called a riser (20 mm last 30 mm). If you are ordering a bespoke fireplace hearth to fit an existing cutout in your carpet or laminate floor then it is important to state the cutout that you are trying to cover. The standard profile for marble fireplace hearths is a boxed and lipped standard profile. This involves the horizontal section being recessed further out in the vertical section, hence this is the main reason why you should always state the actual contact sizing in your carpet to ensure the bottom section of the hearth will be suitably covered.

Marble back panels for Fireplaces

Marble back panels are usually 37 inches times 37 inches. There is usually a standard cutout inserted into a marble back panel which is 16.25 inches (wide) times 22.25 inches (high). In our experience, the standard cutout will be suitable to accommodate 99.9% off all inset gas and inset Electric Fires. It is possible to have a larger than standard cut out if required.

Solid fuel options (burning coal or logs) in a traditional open fire

If the fireplace hearth or marble back panel will be used with solid fuel then it needs to undergo a special process called (slabbing). This involves cutting the back panel and hearth into several sections to allow for expansion and contraction and to minimise the risk off the fireplace hearth and marble back panel cracking due to the intense heat of solid fuel Fires.