Marble Fireplaces are very easy to install if the basic guidelines are adhered to. There is a legal requirement to have all gas appliances installed by a Gas Safe engineer. We strongly recommend you have at least two people when installing a marble fireplace due to the weights involved. Always use dust sheets, and make sure that the surface of the marble is not scratched during the installation process. How much would installation typically cost? Fitters charge on average £150 to install a Marble fireplace with an Electric fire or £200 to install a Marble fireplace with a Gas fire. Charges vary depending on the area, and also the work involved. If you are looking for a fitter in your local area and do not know anyone, then it may be worth while posting your job on the site will give you a list of local tradesmen in your area who will bid for your work. You will also be able to read customer testimonials (similar to EBay), and this means you can select the fitter with the best reputation to carry out your work. Alternatively you would also have a look for a gas fitter on the gs safe registers website Before installation It is a good idea to check all the pieces before you being installation damaged items can frequently not be replaced or remedied once installed.

Step 1.

Bed the hearth onto a mixed bed of cement and sand. Ensure that the hearth is pushed flush against the back wall. It is important to remove the skirting board (if applicable)

Step 2.

If the fireplace is fitted against a flat wall then bring the panel forward using suitable filler material. If the Marble fireplace has a 25mm rebate then the panel will simply stick against the back wall with the application of tile adhesive.

Step 3.

All our Fireplaces are supplied with factory fitted brackets. This makes installation as simple as possible as the brackets simply need to be screwed into the adjacent wall.

Step 4

Apply clear silicon on the exposed ledge and attach the mantle onto the fireplace.