In today’s times, people prefer a centrally-heated home. However, a traditional fireplace is still widely regarded to be an important part of a sitting room. Your fireplace will serve as a visual focal point that will cultivate and sustain a peaceful atmosphere. It will add a great look to your house. People prefer a fireplace that is constructed from traditional and durable materials. They want their final design to appear classy and timeless. You could construct a fireplace but you would have to employ a professional. A popular alternative would be to buy a ready-made fireplace. These Fireplaces are made from quality materials and can be delivered directly to your home. When it reaches your home, it is ready to be installed. Marble is a very popular material that is used to make ready-made Fireplaces. Marble Fireplaces can be assembled from pure marble or micro marble. Micro marble is a type of cultured marble which appears more uniform than pure marble. It has a straight uniform structure and does not contain cracks like pure marble. Marble can be found in many pleasing and attractive shades. Its versatility will help it to suit your room’s décor.