In our experience many online companies and other manufacturers often supply marble fireplace surrounds without fixing brackets or any solution whatsoever to fasten them against a wall. This leaves homeowners with a set of instructions on how to create crude alternative fixing brackets which are not ideal and statically unpleasing. The most common method of installing aftermarket fireplace fixing brackets is by cementing the back of the back panel or fireplace column and fastening to metal brackets with a bent piece of metal (often from a conventional hanger) to fasten the fireplace columns to the wall. Please see the image below, which shows the brackets as described. If such brackets are supplied, low-cost and inexperienced fireplace manufacturers often supply makeshift metal brackets plates with a simple round hole in them that allows you to screw the bracket into the wall. At Creative Lifestyle our marble fireplace surround fastening system is unique as the bracket is located on the inner edge of the fireplace surround (ensuring that is it is not seen from the outside). This means that you do not have to carry out any work whatsoever to install the fire surround and the bracket is already pre-installed and simply needs to be screwed into an exterior wall or chimney breast.

Please watch the video below for more information