Marble Fireplaces are traditionally contemporary, traditional, modern or chic. It is very unusual to find Marble Fireplaces that are art deco. You can specify a bespoke Art Deco fireplace for very little additional cost by combining two marble colours (as can be seen in the image below). Art deco Fireplaces can also be created by combining Black Granite back panels & hearths with a beige or cream marble fire surround. It is also possible to engrave various shapes into the surface of the marble (as can be seen by the tulip abstract carved into the fireplace design below).

Should I purchase an art deco fireplace?

Yes: Essentially the entire word art deco is subject to personal tastes and preferences. What one person may consider art deco another person may consider contemporary, and for that reason it is always advisable to choose a fire surround that fits your individual tastes and room decor. No: If you are developing a property to sell an or rent, then it would be advisable to purchase a very neutral fire surround that would appeal to the majority of homeowners, and for this reason are deco Fireplaces may not be suitable.

How much extra should art deco fireplaces cost?

Same price: Essentially creating an art deco fireplace should not cost any more than purchasing a regular fire surround. Additional Charge: There may be additional charges incurred if you were to purchase a black granite hearth or panel, and these are often more expensive than complete marble fireplaces. Black Granite is often costs more as it is a more expensive raw material when compared with marble or limestone.