White marble Fireplaces are timeless finish that has been popular in homes for many centuries. Traditional marble Fireplaces were always crafted in various shades of natural white marble such as Carrara marble or Estamos white marble. Natural white Marble Fireplaces frequently were extensively carved and had natural veining running throughout the material. Occasionally natural white marble would have sheets of pink and cream running through the material in random intervals, and essentially this created the beauty of the natural stone.

What is Micro marble?

As times progressed home-owners were more fussy with the tolerance of natural veining and colour consistency, and for that reason Micro marble was invented. Micro marble is a man made engineer stone, which typically consists of 98% marble and 2% resin and is hence colour consistent and has no veining. By making a man made alternative, the industry was able to overcome the vast criticisms and returns that originated from 100% white natural marble. Micro marble today forms approximately 80% of all Marble Fireplaces sold UK.

How much should a white marble fireplace cost?

Natural white marble fireplaces typically cost the same as Micro marble fireplaces, however if you are looking for pure white marble, then a natural marble fireplace may cost 300% more than Micro marble fireplace (and terms of sale will be subject to natural permutations which will not guarantee hundred percent consistency). Micro marble fireplaces are remarkably cheaper than natural marble, as there is minimal wastage (as the manufacturer can use offcuts and the material is easier to work). In our opinion there is no quality difference between Natural Marble Fireplaces and Micro marble fireplaces.