Marble Fireplaces can be constructed from pure marble or micro marble. Both these types are equally durable, strong and easy to maintain. Micro marble is less prone to the natural flaws that occur in the stone’s structure and appearance. This is a major reason why it is sometimes preferred. Marble can be found in a number of colours and shades. Due to this feature, the colours of a marble fireplace can range from pure white to cream or even a sandy yellow. It is up to you to decide the shade you want. Marble is renowned for its durability. It is a soft stone that can be shaped into a wide variety of different styles. It can greatly add to your room’s décor. You can have rich, ornate patterns or modern fireplace designs which have clear and simple lines. A marble fireplace is a great way to show off the beauty of marble. Installation does not necessarily require any contracted labour. A complete marble fireplace equipped with an electric fire can be delivered to your doorstep. A marble fireplace will provide your home with a great look and will surely increase the value and appeal of your home.