Marble is the most popular material used in modern, traditional and contemporary Fireplaces alike. Marble can either be used to compliment a timer fireplace in the back panel and hearth or to build an entire fireplace. Marble Fireplaces are one of the most popular finishes in the UK. Marble can be cut to size if needed for a restoration or modernisation project. This would simply involve measuring the area that is required and picking the colour you desire. The material is very simple to transport (despite its fragile reputation) and can easily be delivered to any UK mainland address with ease. Natural marble tends to be more expensive than Micro agglomerate marble (which is a reconstituted stone), however Micro marble is virtually non-differentiable form some natural marble alternatives. If you are looking for marble for fireplaces, it is often a good idea to ask for marble samples prior to placing an order or making any commitments, as the colour you see in brochures and online is often very different to the actual colour.

The main advantage of using Marble for Fireplaces

1. Heat resistance- as compared to alternatives such as MDF 2. Marble is a modern contemporary  finish 3. Marble is easy to maintain and can easily be wiped to keep clean unlike other materials such as stone which have many pin holes and are rough in texture 4. Marble is relatively inexpensive. A full marble back panel and hearth can be purchased for as little as £150 including VAT & delivery 5. Marble creates a sense of warmth and elegance which is hard to copy with alternative materials