A large percentage of the Fireplaces sold in the UK are made from Micro Marble. Micro marble fireplaces have been developed to try and create greater colour consistency between Fireplaces and to engineer aesthetically pleasing marble colours. Micro marble is a composite stone that often comprises of 98% marble and 2% resin. The mixture is set in a mould and cast. The micro marble block formed as a result of the process is cut and polished like natural marble. The popularity of Micro marble in the fireplace industry is very similar to extensive use of Quartz (such as Sile stone, ceaser stone and Zodiac) in kitchen work surfaces. It is virtually impossible to have 100% pure cream or white marble, and hence the use of marble aggregate to form a composite stone is a very popular alternative. The majority of marble surrounds manufactured in micro marble weigh in excess of 150 kgs or 23 stone, and are of the highest quality.