Marble Fireplace Surrounds are frequently made in Micro Agglomerate Marble. Micro marble is very hard wearing and offers colour consistency that can not be achived with 100% Natural marble. Mico Marble is made from 95% marble and 5% resin. The marble aggrigate is crushed up to form marble chips that are set in a mould and form a slab. The Micro Marble slab is then cut and processed in the same way as natural marble would have been processed.

Adgavatages of mirco marble fireplaces:

  • Colour consistency
    • 100% natural marble is very volatile, and what you see in a showroom is never what you will recieve. Cracks and veins are always part of the terms and conditions. This is fine for the showroom, but would you be happy with a pink vein running down your cream marble fireplace?
  • Stain resistant
    • 5% resin and chemicals make micro marble more resilient to stains than 100% natural marble. This is very important, especially with homes with children.
  • Uniform colour
    • It is impossible to source 100% pure colour consistent marble in colours in certain colours, such as white. Micro Agoolomerate marble allows for 100% colour. The popularity of micro marble is very similar to the extensive use of Quartz in kitchen worktops.