Micro marble Fireplaces are made from sheets of artificial marble. Micro marble which is typically 98% marble mixed with 2% resin is virtually identical to natural marble, except for its colour consistency . Marble Fireplaces are frequently imported from low cost countries such as China and marketed online for a fraction of high street prices. Creative fireplaces specialise in the manufacture of Marble Fireplaces in our own Nottinghamshire factory.

We believe that all locally manufactured goods are superior to imports for the following reasons:

1. We are able to replace damaged sections of a fireplace. Damages that may occur due to the fragile nature of marble, or during installation (see example photograph). All imports are entire fireplaces and are hence not able to offer any replacements. Sites and companies whom import would simply have to replace the entire fireplace- rather than a section (which they would be reluctant to do). If the damaged section was caused by a customer’s fault during installation, then in the majority of cases consumers would be forced to purchase an entirely new Marble fire surround. 2. Bespoke modifications are possible when goods are made locally 3. We are able to offer a range of colours as opposed to one colour per fire surround 4. Our entire ranges of marble fireplace surrounds are available in a range of sizes, and we can even customise products to suit customers’ individual requirements. 5. We are able to offer UK support for installation or technical advice. We currently have over 40 staff, and skilled stone masons whom are able to offer any advice if needed.