Marble is a beautiful, elegant material which is frequently used in the manufacture of fire surrounds. Marble fire surrounds have been around for centuries and were traditionally the type of finish only the super rich could afford. The vast use of the internet has significantly brought down the price of modern marble fireplace surrounds by connecting merchants and consumers. Creative Lifestyle is a major manufacturer of marble fireplace surrounds and manufacturers over 30 Fireplaces a day. We have a wide diverse supply chain which includes, major high street fireplace specialist retailers nationwide, as well as developers and consumers. What we recommend when looking for modern marble fireplace surrounds Micro marble is a reconstituted stone which is typically 98% marble and 2% resin. Micro marble tends to look more modern when compared to traditional natural marble with large veins. Simple designs which are usually linear or have minimal carving are often regarded as modern as compared to loud eccentric designs with extensive carving and complex design. We would recommend having a black granite back panel and hearth to create a vibrant contrast. Hence have a cream/white marble fire surround complimented by a black granite.