Marble Fireplaces add a very elegant finish to any room setting. However sometimes having luxury comes with a heavy premium and getting something made to order can cost a small fortune. We have heard of many companies and high street showrooms charge in excess of £1500 for made to order Marble Fireplaces.

How to avoid getting ripped off on a customised marble fireplace

1. Make sure you only purchase from the firm which manufacturers the final product you are about to receive. This essentially means you are cutting out the middle man and hence making the savings. 2. Always ask for a sample of the marble used prior to committing to anything. Almost all digital images on ecommerce websites are edited, and it is essential that you order samples to avoid disappointment as colours often appear different on a screen than they do in real life. 3. Make sure the price includes all charges including VAT and delivery. Many firms make the price seem very competitive, but hide costs in the bottom line figure. 4. You should always have all agreed modifications on an email or in writing. It is very common for misunderstandings to occur after the event and the only proof was a verbal conversation. 5. Read the terms and conditions carefully and ensure your rights are covered. 6. Think about the final price quoted in terms of value for money. Although what you require is bespoke, does it really add that much to the total price? We have heard of firms charging an extra £100 to make a hearth two inches deeper. Essentially such a small modification should be done free of charge or for a nominal £20-£30 to cover the set up cost of making something bespoke. 7. Make sure the bespoke design is structurally stable and all fixing brackets are included 8. It is important to always mention what you will be going with the fireplace, and what type of fuel source (gas, electric or solid fuel) you will be using. Gas Fireplaces, and Electric Fireplaces do not require any modification, however Solid Fuel Fireplaces (burning coal and logs) require the fire surround to be modified to accommodate the extensive heat created. 9. Read the terms and conditions carefully and ensure your rights are covered.

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