Marble Fireplaces have transformed over time in shape, style, colours preferred and carving patterns. Traditionally a large percentage of Marble Fireplaces would be manufactured in design with circular columns, whereas modern fireplace designs simplicity and linear lines are focal points rather than columns. If you are looking for a marble fireplace with circular columns, then you will have very limited choice as this is not a very common or popular design type in modern times. At Creative Fireplaces, we manufacture all our marble Fireplaces to order in our own Nottinghamshire factory and are able to make anything bespoke at a fraction of the high-street retail price.

What to look out for when purchasing fireplace with circular columns

1. It is important to always make sure that the circular columns are carved out of solid pieces of stone rather than sections or strips. This will ensure that you have the most consistent and smooth finish possible. 2. Always make sure the circular columns are placed on feet (square or circular pieces a marble below the fireplace hearth), as this will again at character and ensure the stability of the columns.

How much should a marble fireplace with circular columns cost?

On average marble fireplace with circular columns made out of Micro marble (man made artificial stone) will retail for approximately £1500 (online price £850). Natural Marble Fireplaces should cost approximately 40% more.