Ordering a bespoke fire surround or fireplace hearth can be very expensive from high-street shops. The majority of high-street retailers and fireplace specialists will charge a premium for all non-standard products purchased as they have specialist knowledge which is not available to the majority of consumers. At creative Fireplaces, we are unique as we manufacture all our Marble Fireplaces to order in our own Nottinghamshire factory and are able to provide you trade prices delivered to your door at unbelievable cost savings. The majority of our customers save over 70% when comparing prices to high-street alternatives.

What to look for when ordering a bespoke fire surround

Essentially there are only a few parameters that can be changed for you fire surround. The majority of Fireplaces are available 48 inches wide or 54 inches wide. Some fire surrounds are available in smaller models, which are 40 inches wide or 42 inches wide. It is not possible to manufacture a large range fireplace designs smaller sizes (40 inches wide or 42 inches wide) as the fireplace loses proportionality when manufactured in the sizes. Classic or traditional timber (wooden) fireplaces are 45 inches high from the floor, whereas modern marble fire surrounds are 42 inches on average. Modern fire surrounds are usually manufactured with less height that traditional alternatives as home owners are moving towards smaller fire surrounds that are a subtle focal point rather than an imposing piece of furniture.

Ordering a bespoke made-to-measure fireplace hearth

it is important to note that the majority of marble fireplace hearths are not suitable for solid fuel (burning wood or coal). Fireplace hearths need to be modified if they are to be used with solid fuel as they need to be cut into sections and rejoined to create purpose-built expansion joints and hence avoid the risk of them cracking during use (a process known as slabbing). If you're ordering a made-to-measure fireplace hearth we strongly advise that you clearly stipulate that cut out in your laminate flooring or carpet that needs to be covered, so that we can ensure that the new bespoke fireplace hearth covers the exposed area.

Fireplace hearth building regulation requirements

If you will be using a fireplace hearth with an inset gas fire that there is a legal requirement to have 300 mm overhang from the front of the back panel to the edge of the fireplace hearth. There is no such requirements or regulation surrounding Electric Fireplaces