At creative Fireplaces, we manufacture all our marble Fireplaces to order in Nottinghamshire. This means you can have any fireplace any size and colour that you want at a fraction of high-street prices. By cutting out the middleman we are able to pass on the cost savings.

The typical supply chain for Marble Fireplaces:

1. Marble, granite or stone is quarried at source 2. This is then processed into sheets and sold worldwide. The sheets are usually imported by a wholesaler and sold to a factory 3. Marble and granite factories would purchase slabs of raw material and use them to fabricate fire surrounds 4. Fire surrounds are then sold showrooms, which are in turn sold to homeowners

Unique business model at creative fireplaces cut out the middleman

At Creative Fireplaces we purchase all our raw material direct from source. We fabricate our own Marble Fireplaces in our Nottinghamshire factory. Orders are received by our website and supplied direct to the end consumer using our own delivery vehicles nationwide. If customers wish to view the product in person, then we have a large retail showroom within which they can see the fire surround a person prior to making any decisions.