Answer: All electric Fires are plug and play Electric Fireplaces can simply be plugged into a standard 13amp socket in any room in the home and for that reason are often regarded as “plug and play Fires”. At present the most popular fires in the UK are gas fires which need a piped gas connection to work. However, in our experience the majority of homeowners purchasing a second fireplace after having used one for many years will often opt for an electric alternative as it is arguably much more practical. Electric fires have the advantage of being able to turn the flame effect on independent of the heat, which effectively means you can have a warm glow without having the expense of using the heater on the fire.

Are all electric fires plug and play?

1. Yes, all electric fires must be “CE European standard” certified and tested and simply plug into a standard socket 2. Effectively the working part of the fire simply plugs in and works out of the box, unlike a gas fire which needs to be vented and serviced annually 3. Electric fires can be recessed into a fire surround even against a flat wall if there is sufficient recess depth within the fire surround to accommodate the fire (called a rebate). At Creative Fireplaces, we can modify all our marble fireplaces to have sufficient depth to allow for electric fires to be recessed, even if the fire will be fitted against a flat wall with no void whatsoever

How much do they cost?

Typically electric inset fires are inexpensive and some models cost as little as £150. It is always advisable to purchase an electric fire from a reputable brand or seller as the flame effects will alter drastically. Some electric fires are horrible and have a very basic ribbon flicker effect, whilst other more modern electric fires have a lovely realistic flame effect and will complement the room and add a sense of sophistication and create a focal point