The Back Panel is the section within which a fire is recessed. In some cases you may want to purchase a back panel without a hearth (base section of fireplace). The below article will outline the major points you should be aware off

What you should know

1. Marble back panels are suitable for Gas fireplace or Electric Fireplaces, but are not suitable for burning wood or coal (solid fuel). Solid fuel back panels need to be cut and re-joined in order to create expansion joints. The back of the back panel is then filled with cement to increase its resistance to heat 2. Granite is a stronger material than marble, and it is advisable that you use granite or slate for a solid fuel application rather than marble 3. Cast Iron back panels are designed to withstand high temperatures. The average cast iron back panel is 37 inches wide x 37 inches high 4. The standard opening in a back panel is 16.25 inches wide x 22.25 inches high. This opening will accommodate 99.9% of all inset Fires. It is very easy for the manufacturer to increase the opening size if requested, however this is rarely needed 5. The inner opening within a back panel is not polished as it is not a seen part of the back panel. This cut out can be polished if needed. This is necessary if your application will have the opening exposed: E.g.: If you are simply placing candles or something like that inside the fire chamber and the opening is seen