Micro Marble had become the fireplace industry’s most popular material to manufacture marble fireplace surrounds. There has been a significant shift in tastes and preferences away from traditional natural marble towards man made alternatives such as micro marble in recent years.

Micro Marble Vs Natural Marble Fireplaces

1. Micro Marble is 100% colour consistent through the entire slab of marble, and has little or no variation from batch to batch.  The entire fire surround can be manufactured from sections and rejoined without the hassle or difficulty of venin matching that was necessary in Natural marble. Vein Matching is a technique used to connect the various natural veins that run through the fireplace when it is built up. Hence match up the lines from each section of the fireplace to form a pattern. 2. Micro Marble is much more scratch resistant than natural marble as it is made up of 98% marble and 2% resin. The resin in the mixture makes the entire surface more resistant to scratches and any markings. 3. Micro Marble is easier to carve and work than natural marble, as it has less pin holes and faults. 4. As micro marble is more colour consistent, it tends to be easier to select as homeowners are always sure of what they are about to receive (unlike natural marble).