Stone fireplace mantles are available in various shapes and sizes. The majority of stone Fireplaces tend to be manufactured 54 inches or 60 inches wide, however virtually any size imaginable can be manufactured. Stone Fireplaces are often made from thick slabs of stone and can hence be carved (please see image below), however more contemporary/chic designs are also possible.

What you should considerations prior to purchasing stone fireplace mantles

1. Stone fireplace mantles are porous, and may not be appropriate families with young children. Marble Fireplaces on the other hand are much more resilient to stains, and may be more appropriate. 2. Stone fireplace mantles can either be manufactured in Natural stone (such as Limestone) or in reconstituted stone (manufactured from resin modes). Reconstituted stone fireplaces tend to cost the same price as natural stone; both products are of similar quality. 3. Stone fireplace mantles are often very heavy as they are manufactured from large thick slabs, and your floor may need to be reinforced to accommodate the weight. 4. Stone fireplaces tend to be very brittle, and easy to chip (despite what many people think). We strongly recommend stone fireplaces should be installed by experienced installers.