Many people look to install a stone fireplace. They believe that these stone Fireplaces give a nostalgic feel to a room. Stone Fireplaces are the most popular fireplaces and the reason for this popularity is because their buyers are not looking for something contemporary. If you want something strong, rugged and a little different, a stone fireplace is a great choice for you. Installing a fireplace at home would give your living room a warm and cosy feeling. These stone fireplaces can fit in almost any environment. If you want something specific, you need not fear as there are many options that can suit your needs. You have numerous choices regarding building materials and construction. If you have a large house, you can opt for a stone fireplace which can be built into your wall. You can implement ideas like half-round tops or traditional rectangular openings. You could install a gas line and use gas instead of firewood. Gas Fireplaces are popular options as you only need a flue, not a full chimney and they are more economical and create less mess than wood burning Fires.