Fireplaces are among the most useful appliances and are used in almost all homes in the UK. Fireplaces have experienced a phenomenal change over the years. The modern fireplaces are much more elegant, effective and advanced compared to traditional ones. The latest advancements have given rise to electric and Gas Fireplaces. As their name suggests, Electric Fireplaces run on electricity, which means you don’t actually need a chimney, which is a huge advantage for many people. Electric Fireplaces are extremely elegant, efficient and easy to install, which is another major draw. Some benefits of electric fireplaces are as follows: Safe and highly functional: Electric fireplaces are made in accordance with safety standards. Electric fireplaces also boast certain advanced features such as auto off to avoid overheating, non-smoke operation, adjustable thermostat control, quick warming operation, a remote control and energy saving features to provide cost efficiency. Easy maintenance: Unlike conventional fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not need much maintenance. They do not produce any waste or debris, which is a good advantage. As electric fireplaces work on a completely different principle, the need for having fireplace tools is eliminated. Moreover, electric fireplaces are also space efficient. Thus, owing to these advantages, installing an electric fireplace in your home would be a wise decision.