If you wish to sit around a cosy fireplace and enjoy the warmth during the winter, then opt for a gas fireplace. As they offer several advantages to homeowners, Gas Fireplaces are gaining popularity amongst buyers. Here are some of the benefits offered by Gas Fireplaces: Remain clean – One of the best things about gas Fireplaces is that they do not emit harmful smoke into the environment. In addition to this, they are also known for not creating soot in your home. Simple to install – Unlike other Fireplaces, installing gas fireplaces is very easy. This means that you can even do it yourself within a few hours. After installing, you only have to switch on the fire and enjoy the heat. At present, you will also get freestanding gas fireplaces which do not require any installation. Easy to operate – The latest technology used in gas fireplaces allows you to adjust the heat or temperature of the room as per your needs. Unlike wood fireplaces, you do not have to add logs to keep it burning. Some of the recent gas fireplaces also come with a remote control which allows you to operate it without getting up from your sofa or bed. Gas fireplaces also offer versatility which means that they are available in various styles, colours and materials. So, you can choose the one that suits your home. Once you have installed a gas fireplace in your home then you need to ensure that you maintain and clean it regularly for best performance.