Marble fireplace surrounds columns can be carved in either marble or granite. Fireplace columns make a fireplace look grand, and elegant. Each column is hand finished to perfection, and integrated into the fireplace.

Helpful tips

1. Marble Fireplaces with columns are frequently carved from different sheets of marble, and can have colour differences. The main body of the fire surround is made from 20mm thick sheets, and the columns are made from sheets up to 100mm thick. It is important to always purchase from a reputable manufacturer in order to ensure you get quality consistency. 2. Marble fireplace columns can make a fire surround look traditional, and will not suit modern rooms. If you are looking to decorate a traditional home, then this style may be perfect. 3. A marble fire surround with solid columns can retail for £800 online, and over £1500 in showrooms. 4. Cheaper designs can be manufactured by using horizontal strips of marble stuck in circular pattern. The horizontal sections are then polished together using marble pads, however the columns can never be as smooth as they would be if they were manufactured from solid chucks of marble or granite. 5. Micro marble is usually a more appropriate material to use when designing a fire surround with columns as the material is consistent and does not have any cracks. Natural marble is full of pin holes and cracks which are often revealed when the marble is carved in this way.