Scratches may occur on the surface of a marble fireplace for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you may receive the Fires surround that has a slight scratch on the surface of the marble; this could be a minor imperfection and is very common with natural marble. It is often miss-understood that a marble fireplace can be re-polished on site and hence hide the scratch. The idea stems from the fact that marble is the same consistency the whole way through and hence polishing the surface would reveal another layer and hence hide the scratch. In our experience any attempt to re-polishing on site actually makes the scratch more visible. The reason for this is that the re-polish on site actually ends up exaggerating the scratch by making some areas of the marble fireplace lighter and higher polished than other areas.

"Tricks of the trade the easiest way to hide a scratch on a marble fireplace"

Surprisingly enough candle wax is often used by several stonemasons to conceal scratches and marks on Marble Fireplaces. Stonemasons often begin by cleaning the surface of the marble thoroughly. A marble fireplace should only be cleaned with clean water and a damp cloth. It is important to wipe off any residue that may remain on the fireplace before proceeding further. Stone masons then use clear candle wax and melt it onto any exposed areas or scratches on the surface of the marble fireplace. Any excess residue can be wiped off using a small knife or blade. Effectively by filling the surface of the fireplace with Candle wax & removing off any residue, the scratches is concealed with the new layer. Because the wax is clear in will look identical  to the background colour of the marble fireplace and hence appears to be one consistent finish.