The thought of sitting beside a fire in winter is indeed appealing. However, with a variety of choices, you might face confusion when it comes to selecting a particular fireplace. Different types of fireplaces Electric Fireplaces, Gas Fireplaces and wood fireplaces are some of the different types of fireplaces available these days. It is recommended that you compare the features of these fireplaces before arriving at a purchase decision. Wood burning fireplaces These are the conventional types of fireplaces. They will provide you with the much needed warmth during winter. Wood burning fireplaces also add to the beauty of your home. However, maintaining these fireplaces can prove to be a laborious task indeed. You will have to get wood and clean the fireplace on a regular basis. Gas Fireplaces Gas fireplaces are known for not requiring much maintenance. This type of fireplace is easy to maintain and use and is affordable too. Gas fireplaces can also be installed quite easily in any room as per your preference. Electric Fireplaces Electric fireplaces are one of the most popular types. They can be operated with a remote control and also do not emit any harmful substances. Compare the features of different fireplaces and select one accordingly.