Fireplaces are an expensive often a once in a lifetime purchase. It is important to get the best deal available yet have a hassle free experience. With so much choice online and specialist knowledge and building regulations many consumers would simply rather visit a high street showroom rather than risk having problems at a later stage.

Fireplace showrooms advantages:

Fireplace showrooms are definitely a safe option as they have specialist knowledge and offer a full installation service. Typically fireplace showrooms tend to be small well run family businesses and you often speak to the owner who loves fire surrounds and take pride in their work. Fireplace showrooms also have the advantage of having a range of fire surrounds in the same location so that you can physically look and touch. Showrooms are also able to carry out site surveys and ensure what you purchase can be installed.

Fireplace showrooms disadvantages:

Fireplace showrooms typically sell a fire surround once every two days if they are busy. Almost all showrooms have to purchase products and have no cost advantage due to their small volume. Most showrooms these days are not able to sell Fires, as all models are available online and consumers can easily source Fires for a fraction of high street prices. Many showrooms now have stopped clearly labelling the make and model of fires, hence eliminating the possibility of consumers sourcing products online.

Price differences

1. Fireplace showrooms would typically sell a marble fireplace for £800- £1000, similar (if not better quality) Marble Fireplaces are available on our website for £325. You are simply cutting out the middle man and making the savings. 2. Electric Fireplaces and gas fireplaces typically sell for double the online prices, again due to the same reasons. 3. You can also make large savings on fireplace installation by visiting the gas safe website or websites such as which can give you a list of fitters whom will be happy to install a gas fireplace for £200 (saving £150) or electric fireplace for £100 (saving £200).