If you are considering changing from a Gas fireplace or Solid fuel fireplace to a Electric fireplace then the following check list will be incredibly helpful in helping you make the decision.

Essentially an electric fireplace is a cleaver optical illusion, that allows you to use the flame effect independent of the heat source.

Core advantages of Electric Fireplaces:

1. Electric Fireplaces require very minimal upkeep

Electric fireplaces are arguably maintenance free, as compared to Gas fireplaces which need to be serviced annually. Solid Fuel Fireplaces also require much more upkeep as compared to an electric fireplace.

2. Electric fireplaces are often cheaper an all the other equivalents

The main saving is made in the installation process. When used on flam effect only (which is the majority of the usage), electric fireplaces cost as little as £0.10 per hour to run, depending on your model. The average electric fire uses 14 -18 watts per hour.

3. Easy Installation

Electric fireplaces can even be fitted against a flat wall

4. No toxic fumes in your home

Unlike gas or solid fuel Fires, a Electric fireplace will not Emmit any toxic fumes