Some visually traditional Gas Fireplaces such as the Valor Black Beauty require wider openings than conventional Fires, as can be seen in the image below. The Black Beauty gas fire specifically measures 657mm (h) wide x 670mm (w) high, where as standard Fires measure 560 mm (h) x 430mm (w) on average.

Fire surround “daylight opening” explained:

The daylight opening is the distance between the back panel and fireplace columns. We would recommend 54 inch wide fire surrounds for wide Gas Fires such as the Valor black beauty. 54 inch wide fire surrounds will have a wider daylight opening, usually 760mm x 750mm as compared to a 48 inch fire surround which has an opening of 610mm x 750mm.  Hence the wider fire surround will give you a larger “day light opening“ and hence accommodate the wide gas fire.

Cut out required for larger fire surrounds

The standard cut out in a fireplace marble back panel is usually 16.25 inches (W) x 22.25 inches (H), it is always advisable to check the manufacturers specifications as wider Gas Fires usually require a larger cut out.

You should not be charged to increase the size of the cut out in the back panel