Fire surrounds will vary in price based upon various specification, the below guide will help outline general prices and what you should expect to pay for various fire surrounds.

Marble fire surrounds

Natural Marble fire surrounds usually start in the region of £1500 in most showrooms (£750 online), and are typically manufactured in a beige of cream colour with natural veining and texture. There are some firm importing natural Marble Fireplaces in low quality Egyptian marble, and these fire surrounds tend to retail for £450 online. Micro marble surrounds, typically retail for £800 in most showrooms and can be sourced online for as little as £375. Micro marble is more consistent than natural marble, and tends to be more popular than Natural marble.

Timber fire surrounds

Pine fire surrounds are the cheapest range of wood (or wood effect) available, and retail for as little as £70 online (£150 in showrooms).  Solid oak fire surrounds are considerably more fashionable and retail for £400 (£650 in showrooms). The cheapest fire surrounds tend to be manufactured from painted MDF, and are usually only suitable for Electric Fires.

Stone and limestone fire surrounds

Natural stone fire surrounds tend to be manufactured with suitability for solid fuel (burning coal and logs) in mind. On average stone fire surrounds retail for £700 (£900 in showrooms)

Optional extras:

Down lights are usually £50-£60 in addition to the prices indicated above.