Art deco Fireplaces have been an acquired taste many years. The specific style the fire surround lends itself to a specific unique modern appearance often referred to as it Art Deco finish. Essentially the word art deco is ambiguous (what may be an Art Deco fireplace for what home may be viewed as a classical style for another home).

What makes up an Art Deco fireplace?

1. Art Deco fire surrounds are frequently crafted into or more colours as can be seen by the image below. The change of tone and colour creates interest in a unique focal point that forms the basis for the art deco fireplace design. 2. Art Deco fire surrounds are often crafted in white colours such as ultramodern Antique White marble. Antique white is a consistent Micro marble with no veining whatsoever, and a unique homogeneous tight texture throughout the marble. The pure white colour is frequently complemented with subtle carving or the use of the darker bolder colour.

How much do Art Deco fire surrounds cost?

On average Art Deco fire surrounds can range between £500 to £600 depending on the style preferred and the material used. Timber Art Deco fire surrounds are frequently cheaper than marble Art Deco Fireplaces due to lower cost of the material used.