When looking for a marble fireplace surround the internet is a good starting point.  In many cases you are able to do a large amount of research online, and find local showrooms and fitters in your area. In most cases internet retailers are much cheaper than your local showroom equivalent as they are able to service a wider catchment area (even the entire UK) and in some cases (such as ourselves), the internet retailers are the actual manufacturers of the product you will be purchasing and hence able to pass on the cost savings of purchasing direct. When sourcing a marble fireplace surround online you should ask a few questions: 1.Does the firm manufacturing the products they sell?
  • The last thing you want to be stuck with is a low quality import (Eg from China)
  • If parts are damaged in transit, you want to rest assured that they can be replaced quickly and efficiently
2. Do they have a business premises?
  • Always buy from a supplier who has a physical premises and not just a website
3. Are they VAT registered, and do they have their company registration number on their website?
  • All established organisations should show their company number and VAT number on their website. If the company is not VAT registered, then they are very small and may be a large risk
4. Do they have a showroom?
  • Always purchase from a company who is confident with their product and happy for you to come have a look before you place an order, as this shows confidence in the product quality.