Fire surrounds are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. It is very important to pick a fireplace design that complements the existing décor, otherwise the fire surround (like any other piece of furniture) will look out of place in your home.

What fireplace design will suit my living?

A large percentage of home-owners are enticed to purchase modern fire surrounds for traditional homes, and for that reason are unable to create a grand focal point to their living room. If you will be looking to create a new feel and character to your living room, then it is important to change more than one aspect of the room to match the new style. We often advice customers not to change to an ultramodern design, as they will quickly date and it is expensive to keep up with the latest fashion. For that reason, we feel that plasma style hang on the wall Fireplaces are not a good investment as they will date, … whereas Marble Fireplaces are timeless classic finish that will last.

What size fireplace should I have in my living room?

It is always advisable to have at least 2 inch overhang on either side of your chimney breast. Fireplaces are installed from corner to corner off the chimney breast with look overcrowded.