The Marble used in various Marble fireplaces are sourced from all over the world depending on the colour and texture.  Each marble has its own unique characteristics and will vary in colour in shading and veining. The marble composition is unique and reflects the geological conditions present when it was formed.

Sources Of Marble.

Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey & Egypt are the most common sources of marble used in fireplace. Each natural deposit has its own unique characteristics, and various colours, shading and textures will only be found in certain countries. 1. The Carara Quarry in Italy This is one of the most famous marble deposits in the world. 2. Verona Italy Marble Quarries Has several natural cream marble deposits which are very popular. 3. South west Spain Marble Quarries Various quarries in Spain are very popular for textured and veined cream marble, ranging from the striking Old Rojo Alicante to the subtle Crema Marbella. 4. Portuguese Marble Quarries Lisbon is knows for some of the most spectacular white marble found in the world.

Conglomerate Marble.

conglomerate marble fireplaces can be sourced from many countries, however conglomerate marble is frequently imported close to where the natural deposits are found, as the natural marble forms typically 95% of the total composition of the conglomerate marble. Generally speaking Italy is the largest supplier of high quality traditional conglomerate and Micro Agglomerate Marble.