Design Electric Fireplaces are the sort of luxury finish that will add style, luxury to any home and also increase your property value. For many years design Electric Fireplaces have been ridiculously expensive. Buying direct from showrooms or high-street shops means that most consumers do not get the best value for the money, as they are paying for high overhead business model. Purchasing designer electric fireplace couldn't be simpler online, as there is a wide range available, and there is little or no regulation concerning the installation of a electric fireplace.

How to install a designer electric fireplace

All electric Fireplaces simply plug into a standard 13 amp socket. This means that you can install electric fireplace in virtually any room in your home. As electric Fireplaces do not emit any toxic vapour or fumes to create the effect, they do not have to be vented out of any exterior wall, chimney or flue. There is also no requirement to have electric fireplaces serviced annually, as would be the case with gas fireplaces. If you are installing a fire surround with an inset electric fire, then the installation process will be carried out the following steps: 1. Install the fireplace hearth by bedding it on a suitable mixture of sand and cement. 2. Fit the marble back panel against your wall or chimney 3. Position the fireplace columns, and screw the brackets attached to the fireplace columns onto the wall (securing them and ensuring that they do not fall) 4. Secure the fireplace header and mantle 5. Insert the electric inset fire and plug to a standard 13 amp socket 6. Fill-in warranties forms and send registration documents to the manufacturer