The most common material to be used in fire surrounds is Marble, Granite, Stone and Slate. All the various materials mentioned are essentially some sort of stone, which may have traditionally been used due to its natural heat resistant properties.

Marble Fireplaces & Marble hearths

Marble is a very common material to be used with fire surrounds. Marble is elegant, sophisticated and an affordable material. Marble Fireplaces are long lasting and can easily be carved and modified to whatever permutation you may desire. It is very common to make fireplace hearths out of marble, and Creative Lifestyle manufactures and extensive range of bespoke hearths, which can be tailored to your unique specifications.

Granite fireplaces and Granite Hearths

Granite is a natural stone and is stronger and more resistant to heat when compared to marble. Granite is also less pours than marble which makes it an ideal material to use on various parts of fireplaces. However granite is frequently only found in dark colors (the most common being black granite) and for this reason many fire surrounds are not manufactured in black granite entirely as they tend to darken a room. Marble is available in a variety of cream and beige colors which tends to be more popular. However black granite hearths are very common and are even frequently used to compliment a beige or cream marble fireplace.

Stone fireplaces

Stone has been used for generations to manufacture fireplaces. Essentially stone is a heavy material and very resistant to heat, which makes it ideal. Stone fireplaces have the major disadvantage (when compared to marble and granite) to being more prone to stains and markings.

Slate Hearths

Slate is a very common material to use as a hearth for a fireplace. Despite Slate Hearths being prone to scratching, they have a visual effect that cannot be replicated by any other material.