Today, Electric Fireplaces are a popular choice for many households who want to improve their home décor. Electric Fireplaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very easy to install. The main benefit of using an electric fireplace is its simplicity. This piece of art simply plugs into the mains unlike traditional Solid Fuel Fireplaces which require a chimney or gas fireplaces which require a flue. Moreover, an electric fireplace does not produce smoke either. Hence, they offer some heath benefits as well. Electric fireplaces do not require any complex installation. Therefore, this type of fireplace is very beneficial for people living in apartments or flats, where installing a chimney or flue is not possible. Electric fireplaces are available in both modern and traditional designs and offer many features to users. Many people prefer to keep electric fireplaces even if they have installed central heating systems in their home because of the therapeutic effect. Electric fireplaces not only make your room warm and comfortable but also enhance the interior. For improving the interior of your home further, you can install electric fireplaces with a mantelpiece and columns. Fireplaces can be made of different materials too. Marble is one of the most popular materials used for this purpose. Marble Fireplaces are easy to maintain, durable in nature and can be manufactured in a variety of shades and styles - both modern and traditional.