Slate is a unique natural material quarried from deposits all around the world. In the UK a large percentage of this Slate used in fire surrounds is imported from Portugal, Germany and often quarried from local deposits in Wales. The individual texture of Slate will vary from batch to batch and from country of origin.

Honed Slate

Honed Slate is quarried with a matt texture and is homogeneous throughout the surface of the material. This material usually has a dark background colour with a tight granular pattern running through it. Honed Slate will complement most designs and suit almost all fire surround designs.

Riven Slate

Riven Slate has progressive bumps and indentation running throughout the material that creates a unique characteristic and the rustic feel to this material. Again Riven Slate has a dark background colour and will complement a large range of fire surround designs. Many home-owners would prefer Riven Slate over Honed Slate if they are decorating a traditional home.

Will Slate complement marble fireplace surrounds?

Yes: Slate can be used to complement marble fireplace surrounds if a unique rustic look is desired. On occasion Slate can be used to create a contrast between cream marble colours and hence create a an art deco or contemporary fire surround design. No: if you're looking to create a complete contemporary feel and minimalist look at your room and fire surround, then adding another colour may create too much contrast and not be appropriate. In this circumstance of for marble fireplace in one colour would be more appropriate.