Solid fuel Fireplaces are fire surrounds that burn coal and logs. Modern and traditional homes alike are using solid fuel for the effect created, as the effect, smell and feeling of a real fire cannot be replicated by Gas Fireplaces or electric Fireplaces.

"Solid fuel can crack Marble Fireplaces"

Marble is a tough natural material, which is heat resistant however not heat proof. Marble cannot withstand the high temperatures created whilst using solid fuel without the risk of cracking. The intense heat (sometimes 400 degrees) creates a fault in the marble and exposes the fault. Eventually with time a crack will appear as the heat finds a way of dispersing. Essentially the best solution around this problem is to manufacture the fireplace back panel and fireplace hearth in sections with purposely created expansion joints. This process is known as “slabbing”. Granite hearths are commonly used with Marble Fireplaces as they are more heat resistant, however even granite needs to be cut into sections in order to prevent it from cracking. Please see image below: Natural Stone fireplaces are made from thick sheets (usually 5-8 inches thick) of quarried stone. Natural stone is much more heat resistant than marble or granite, and can be used with solid fuel without having to be slabbed. Stone fireplaces are manufactured with joints in order to make each section manoeuvrable, and as a result stone fire surrounds have purpose built expansion joints by default.