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Bespoke Marble Fireplaces specialise in the manufacturing and supply of quality marble fireplace surrounds. All our products are hand made to order and are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours.Our surrounds are very competitively priced and start from at little as £399. Prices include free delivery.Surrounds come complete with a hearth and a back panel. All can be ordered from our online store or over the phone .


Our range of fire surrounds can be supplied with either gas fires or electric fires.



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No matter what time of year it is, fireplaces can really add to your living space. In the winter, fireplaces can provide much needed warmth as well as a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and in the summer add style and a focus point to your living space. So look through our range today and find a fire to suit you.

After a long day at work, there's nothing like coming into a warm, cosy room and just relaxing for the rest of the evening. People can spend lots of time and money trying to find ways of making their living space more cosy and inviting but with a good fireplace, you can easily achieve this. Marble fireplaces come in all sorts of different designs, so no matter what size room you have, you can create that comfortable feeling. For a homely and traditional feel, many people choose to install stone fireplaces. With the help of a stone fire surround you can make your living space much more comfortable and welcoming. Not only this, but they can also provide a focus point to the room, meaning that the whole of your interior decoration is brought together neatly.

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If you are looking for a fireplace hearths or marble fire surround, then you will be spoiled for choice by our range here at Bespoke Marble Fireplaces. We have plenty to offer whether you're looking for a hearth for either gas or electric fires. So make your living space much cosier and choose the right hearth to match your existing decor.

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No matter what the time of year, an electric fireplace can really transform a home. With electric fireplaces, you can create a more welcoming and cosy atmosphere in your home and of course, when the weather gets a little chilly, they can quickly and effectively heat the place up for you. There is another great choice of gas fireplaces. It is amazing what a difference gas fireplaces can make to a room because the entire atmosphere can be changed. So if you're hoping to create a more cosy and comfortable living space then we could have exactly what you are looking for.